What is Kosium?

A Fully Decentralized, Fast-Paced Third Person Shooter


Kosium is an anime cyberpunk themed fully decentralized shooter built with Unreal Engine on Ethereum. We are building the initial prototypes with marketplace asset packs and replacing with our own in game assets as they are completed. The setting is on a futuristic, dystopian Earth. In this future, advances in AI have increased income inequality to devastating levels on Earth, and the elite upper class of society choose to dominate and become oppressors of the common people. The organization known as Kosium was formed by 9,999 Pioneers, Earth's best and brightest pooled together from the lower rungs of society, with one common goal to fight or flee this tyranny.

Kosium is leading the new age of crypto gaming. Gone are the days of a centralized corporation dictating the roadmap, development, and monetization of a game. Gone are the days of purchasing in game assets that you don't own and that you can't sell securely. With Kosium, the community will ultimately determine the direction of the game and will truly own the means of production within the game, not a corporation.

Why is crypto gaming needed?

Centrally owned and operated games are not democracies, they're dictatorships. Some of these dictatorships might be fine for now, but a lot of them take advantage of this power to increase profit at the expense of the players. Any system that has this potential is fundamentally flawed, and that is one problem that crypto gaming sets out to solve.

By having a decentralized ledger of asset ownership, a secure way to trade these assets, and a DAO that can decide what type of development to fund, the power and the fundamental ownership no longer lies in the hands of a corporation but rather the community that is truly passionate about the game.

The assets also take on permanence. No central authority can shut it down. The game will survive as long as the community itself is alive. These are characteristics needed to truly own in game assets and to own a game itself.

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