Team/Key Partners

Team building is never finished, and we are still growing at a healthy pace at Kosium. We have expanded our game dev/art team recently and are still finding the balance between in-house team members and outside contractors in order to accelerate development.

Brett Cleary/Blingus - Founder/Dev

Blingus has done all of the development work for Kosium from its start in August. Website, smart contract, game development, discord bot development, fullstack development, and the generative art code was developed solely by Blingus. Blingus has also been the marketing lead as well since the conception of Kosium. Some key achievements over this timeframe are:

  • The global launch of our Unreal Engine game demo and the holding of in game whitelist events with low latency and no crashes.

  • Conception of Kosium's brand (logo, colors, etc.)

  • Growing Kosium to where it is today (1000's of followers across all social media)

  • Recruiting a high quality team to help build the Kosium vision

  • The successful launch of our flagship NFT collection, Kosium Pioneers, with extremely low gas fees (~$50 for 5 mints at 100 gwei and $3k ETH)

FuzzyWizDum - Advisor

Fuzzy carries the Elite status within the Neo Tokyo community, which is one of the largest crypto gaming communities with a total market cap in excess of $300M. He is also one of the members of the research team in Neo Tokyo, constantly evaluating the potential of crypto gaming projects.

Fuzzy has been advising Kosium since early November and has contributed important insight that has significantly elevated the project.

Mizuri - 2D Artist

Mizuri is a renown artist who regularly works high profile brands such as Mortal Kombat 11, Warner Bros. Games, Marvel’s HitMonkey, Hulu, The Witcher Season 2 and NetflixANZ and has over 140k followers on his personal Instagram art account.

Mizuri has been working with Kosium since early October on 2D art, branding, and general design.

Ikigai - Community Manager

Ikigai is the result of a top secret chat bot AI Deep Learning project. Utilizing the latest technology in Deep Neural Networks, we have constructed the most advanced Discord AI chat bot known to man.

Iki keeps everyone in line, plays an important role in expanding Kosium's network, and ensures that community members have a great experience within Kosium.

Issa - 3D Artist

Issa has been working as a 3D artist on Kosium: Last Hope. He has been instrumental in developing our 3D art pipelines. You can see some of his VFX work in our latest gameplay videos!

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