ERC20 Tokens

$KITS - Kosium Credits

$KITS is our primary in-game/utility token for all transactions in the Kosium economy.

There will be a max supply of 1,000,000,000 KITS

  • Distribution %'s are still being decided upon

ERC721 Tokens (NFT's)


Out of 9,999 max Pioneers,

  • 1000 are currently reserved for the $KOSIUM DAO treasury

  • The first 500 are Genesis Pioneers

  • 8,499 are available for public sale


  • 100 max supply

  • 100 Pioneers can join

  • Pioneers can earn $KITS by participating in Guild events

ERC1155 Tokens

Season 1 Equipment

One contract will be deployed for all of the in game items (weapons, armor, etc.) for each season. These items will only be purchasable with $KITS from a guild with the appropriate blueprint level. The guild will receive all of the $KITS from the mint minus the Kosium DAO fee (~5%).

Ability Trees

One contract will be deployed for each ability tree for each class. All $KITS spent will go directly into the community treasury. Each ability will be unlocked in order, so each wallet address will be required to own the preceding ability tokens in order to mint the next one.

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