Kosium: Last Hope Overview

Kosium: Last Hope is a 5v5 PVP match based game and will be the first installment in the Kosium Metaverse


Kosium: Last Hope is a 5v5 PVP play and earn shooter built with Unreal Engine on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will play as one of three classes, Ninja, Mystic, or Soldier, which each have different combat styles and abilities.

This game will be free to play, but earning or purchasing in game assets, with the primary in game currency $KITS, allows players to experience more gameplay variety without creating an unfair advantage over new players. This keeps the game accessible to new players and prevents it becoming a pay to win game.

There will be a max supply of 100 guilds that passively generate Tiranium ($TRNM) and Dark Matter Energy Crystals ($DMEC), allow for up to 100 Pioneers to stake, compete in tournaments to win passive generation boosts, and sell in game equipment. In game equipment (weapons, armor, etc.) will be purchased from guilds using $KITS and $TRNM or earned from playing the game. These equipment items and guilds will be tokenized on Ethereum and distributed via an L2 solution.

Game Mode: Escape

Kosium Headquarters, the Pioneers' base, is being attacked by Earth's elite, the Oppressors. Each team spawns on opposite sides of the map. The Pioneers' goal is to build their ship and escape the Oppressors before Oppressor reinforcements arrive in 20 minutes. The Oppressors are trying to prevent the Pioneers from leaving. They can also win by destroying the Pioneers' base.

The Pioneers collect ship parts across the map at objectives A, B, and C, bring them back to their ship, and install them. After building 50% of the ship, a giant robot spawns for the Oppressors, marches directly to the Pioneers' ship, and begins attacking it. This forces a large team fight and gives the Oppressors a chance to gain some ground if they are behind. Upon reaching 100% of the ship built, the Pioneers have 3 minutes to finish the launch sequence. During this time, the Oppressors get a more advantageous spawn location to help them with their final push to stop the launch sequence.

There are several other iterations of this game mode currently being worked on, but the initial release will be close to the above design.

More maps and game modes will be developed after the game's initial release.

Catering to All Gamers

Free to Play

It is important to build a large player base since Kosium: Last Hope is a competitive 5v5 match based game. Thus we will offer a free to play version of the game with limited play to earn payouts. Season passes will also be available for purchase in KITS that allow for earning in game items for playing.

Casual - Low and High Stakes

The casual game mode will have a higher $KITS payout for playing. It will also have an entry fee in $KITS for each player. The entry fees will go to the winning team after the match. This allows great players to quickly earn a lot of capital in the form of $KITS and progress their characters or earn a paycheck. A small 5% fee of the entry fees will go towards the DAO treasury.


Ranked modes will have the highest play to earn payout. The ranking at the end of the season will determine the loot box rarity received by each player. If the player owns a Pioneer and has joined a guild, their rating at the end of the season will determine their guild's rating. The guild rating increases the passive income earned by that guild until the end of the next season.


Tournaments will only be accessible to guilds and Pioneer token holders. Regular tournaments will be held where the winner will be able to place a flat temporary tax on every other guild. This rewards active and engaged guilds and will also make for entertaining Twitch/YouTube content.

Character Class


Mystics have been cybernetically altered with the ability to manipulate dark matter and fit the "mage" archetype within the Kosium universe. There will be three ability trees available to the Mystic class, control (medium skillcap), burst damage (high skillcap), and sustained damage (low skillcap).


Ninjas have a close-ranged, fast paced dps focused combat design. Ninjas can progress in three separate ability trees corresponding to burst damage, deception, and mobility. All of which have a high skill ceiling.


Soldiers have a tank/dps focused design and are generally easy to play. Soldiers can progress in tank (low skillcap), sustained damage (medium skillcap), and utility (low skillcap) ability trees.

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