Future Expansion

In the future, Kosium can build into a number of different directions.


Each new season will bring with it new weapons, armor, weapon/armor enhancements, playstyles, abilities, and game modes. To support this, a new ERC1155 equipment contract will be deployed with each season. This will make the previous season's weapons invalid unless the community wants to build their own games on top of that data. This will create continual demand for Tiranium and other guild products. This revenue stream would typically flow to a centralized company, but instead it will now flow to the community that owns guilds, Pioneers, etc.


Kosium: Last Hope has a perfect design for esports when the game is fully built out and polished. This could be a great way to turn this first game installment into an evergreen game that continually brings players into the Kosium universe of games. Towards this end, ranked seasons and tournaments will be regularly conducted. These will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

Future Games

The data and economic systems for Kosium could be utilized as the first component in building a full sandbox MMORPG. This would only create more demand for tier 1 economic assets and more revenue for guilds. The same combat systems could also be utilized for future games.

The community could also build their own games on top of the Kosium economic system and assets.

Decentralized Storyline

With a DAO token, it would be simple to add a smart contract that allows the community to dictate the storyline as it progresses. This could then be made into an anime, manga, or a story focused game with revenue streams flowing back to the DAO treasury.

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