Completed 2021 Q3

  • Website, Discord, and other socials launched

  • Team formed

  • Generative art pipeline developed

Completed 2021 Q4

  • Unreal Engine multiplayer shooter game demo launched

  • In game events held for whitelist spots

  • Flagship generative art NFT collection, the Kosium Pioneers, launched on Dec 5th

    • Launched on Ethereum L1 with extremely low gas fees ($50 for 5 mints at 100 gwei)

2022 Q1 Compiling

  • Expanding Game Dev Team

  • Fully tokenized in game economy designed

  • $KITS release

  • Custom in game art sneak peeks

2022 Q2/Q3 Building

  • Weapon airdrop to Pioneer holders

  • Armor airdrop to Pioneer holders

  • Improved gameplay and mechanics

  • Transition from prototype to alpha and alpha to beta

    • These will only be playable by Pioneer token holders

    • Alpha/Beta testers will be able to earn KITS and potentially other in game items by playing

2022 Q4 Release

  • Transition from beta to release

  • Develop a competitive PVP scene

  • Hold regular tournaments between guilds and stream on Twitch/post on YouTube

  • Begin the first ranked season

2023+ Scaling

Opportunities for future growth:

  • Decentralized storyline voted on by KITS holders

  • Manga or anime portraying this decentralized storyline

  • ESports/PVP focus

  • Open world/sandbox type game that uses the same Kosium economic system and DAO

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